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The Secret DVD actually glowed for me

By Darlene Chong
from Kailua Kona, HI

I have never heard or even read anything on ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Power’...nothing. My husband was and is in the stages of a heart transplant, our business of 29 years about to collapse, we did not know where to turn. We had all our employees counting on us and depending on their weekly income.

My husband's health began to decline and I had all the pressure now upon my shoulders. I did not physically know how to run his business. We had creditors calling, trucks being repossessed...we couldn't purchase food for our 3yr old son and 14 yr old daughter let alone ourselves. I prayed and prayed for help. I cried every night while I took a shower, I knew my husband could hear me sobbing, but I would come out as if nothing. I couldn't find the strength to help him with his struggling business, I was worried about our employees and their families who also depended on us so they could feed their family and I was terrified about the creditors. I never missed paying them...whatever was left was what I would use to buy us food…if any.

One day I just so happened to walk into Borders here in Hawaii as they were about to shut down, and while my daughter looked for a book I turned around and saw a book literally "glowing" at me. Out of all the millions of books around me that one stood out "The Power" (the book was actually on the wrong shelf not where it should have been). I am not a reader by far in-fact I have never read a whole book in my life. When I got home I was so excited to read it, I was so inspired and grateful to have seen this book literally glowing, I have read it twice and every word in it including the context even the numbers. Then I search every where for "The Secret" although being in Hawaii we did not have access to a lot of items like this. I searched for 2 days and had another miracle. I searched the bookshelf at "Target" they only had "The Power" and the shelf was empty so I let it go. I went back the next day to the same shelf and thought I'd check, well during the night they moved The Power book to an upper shelf and low and behold there was The Secret Book, I read the entire book and continue to be inspired.

Now the DVD was a blessing and my daughter felt the POWER. I took my daughter to Target again and told her I'd like to look for The Secret DVD so she helped me. We both stood there going through each and every shelf both she and I looked down once before and we both swear it wasn't there, then I looked down to the same spot and The Secret DVD actually glowed for both of us and it was the ONLY one on the shelf. We were both so amazingly shocked because she did not know what she was looking for all she saw was it glowing. Her heart and my heart pumped loudly throughout the entire store, it freaked her out because I did not tell her about the book The Secret. We normally don't get along but we had the best day after that, laughing and crying with happiness.

I'm am a strong believer and I have already read the entire "The Science of Getting Rich" and now studying the course "The Master Key System" that Rhonda has suggested.

I am in heaven and found ways to help my husband and family. My life is much calmer now, I believe that my Financial Freedom is on it's way, it'll be here soon.

About Darlene Chong from Kailua Kona, HI:

Self employed for 29 years
Same company along side my husband's landscaping business
4 children (26yrs old, 23yrs, 14 yrs and 3yr old)
We are a very close loving Hawaiian cultured family

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