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My Catalogue of the Universe story

By Heather P.
from Dewey, OK

I have been practicing gratitude, giving love, envisioning and manifesting. I am overflowing with happiness at what has come my way recently: a wonderful man I love, great relationship with my children, money, and more customers coming to me.
Just recently all of this has manifested and I am so happy I feel like jumping out of my skin!!! I love it!

I want more!--So, like many others, I have to actually go through the actions to have true faith in something. Because of this, I have created my own "Catalog of the Universe" order form template. I actually fill it out with everything I want, and have written at the bottom: "Thank you for your order. Your order has been shipped." By going through the motions of filling out the order form, I truly feel as if I have received. I use this daily with the other Secret tools available on this website. I am so grateful for Rhonda and The Secret/The Power. They have truly transformed my life!!!!

About Heather P. from Dewey, OK:

I am a single mom of two kids, loving everything that practicing gratitude is bringing me!

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