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By Briane B.
from Virginia Beach, VA

After reading The Secret a little over 3 years ago, I was a flooring sub-contractor (family trade), and decided to take another step in applying my learnings from The Secret. I decided to make my very own vision board and put it to the test. I wrote $10,000.00 on the board, and every day as I would walk by I couldn’t help but see it, and be reminded.

Well, about 4 months earlier to doing this, I did flooring in a model home in a new development and the model home paid a little under $1,000.00 after the work was complete.

So here I am 4 months later, with my 2 week old vision board, and I get a call from the contractors I got my work from, and they told me that there were 9 more houses in the development ready for flooring, and they were all mine to do. I was happy to have a lot of work lined up of course, but here is the kicker… When I finished all 9 of the homes, after about a month, I totalled up how much I actually made from them. I was left without words, and butterflies in my stomach... The total was $9999.87. WOW. Trust me, 13 cents did not concern me. The Secret works!

This book has changed my life, and every person’s life I have introduced it to in so many great, positive ways… I am truly grateful, and amazed with the life I have now. This is one of MANY amazing things that have taken place in my life using The Secret. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the production of this life changing book - Briane B.

About Briane B. from Virginia Beach, VA:

I'm a 29 year old male, in the military, whose life was completely changed a little over 3 years ago after reading The Secret and applying it to my life.

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