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By Franchezka
from Italy

I work in Healthcare and we have a money bag with $300.00 petty cash, to give change. My bag had been a mess; all bills were mixing up, no matter how many times I fixed them.

This morning I asked the universe to have $100.00 + $200.00 in easy bills.

I arrive at work in the morning and my co worker said to me, "I took a payment and left it for you," I said, “OK.” He left for the day, and I started settling in and then went to check and there it was, one $100.00 bill and $200.00 in twenty dollars bills. I could not believe it! I quickly gave thanks, and changed all my messy bills into my new easy bills.

The Secret works. Just visualize everything you want, with all your passion and power inside of you.

About Franchezka from Italy:

32 years old, happy and thanking the universe daily.

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