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Manifestation is real!

By Ed LeBaron
from Southbay CA

I had just listened to The Secret on an audio CD coming back from vacation on a long drive home. The very following weekend I kept thinking about everything I had learned about the power of The Secret.

That Saturday morning, I had just started watching 'Lost: Season 1' on DVD. It was the very second episode when I realized in my mind that I had seen or met one of the characters on the show. It kept bothering me all morning and afternoon long. I could not for the life of me remember where or when I had seen the actor, but I felt like I had. I was very fixated on determining where I had met him.

That evening, as it would turn out, I went to a local steakhouse/bar in the area, and while waiting for a drink in line I turned around and realized the actor, Daniel Dae Kim, was standing right behind me! The very same actor I thought I had met. What are the odds of him being there that very same night in the very same place the very same day I was trying to remember where I had seen him. I asked him why he was in the area and he said his brother lived out here and he was visiting. From then on I knew the law of attraction was true.

To this day it is very hard to believe, but I remember other experiences in my life where I was able to tap into this power years before, I just had not known why. Another experience includes calling out the very card in a deck, while playing a game called high/low (I shouted Queen of Hearts instead of higher or lower and the person flipped the card over and, bam, Queen of Hearts was right there). Everyone freaked out.


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