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Money Comes Quickly and Easily - I Believe

By Juliann W.
from Ontario, Canada

I read The Secret in 2007 but didn't really start to practice and use it in my everyday life until 2011. I have effortlessly manifested small things like a cup of coffee (so much coffee that I had to stop wishing for coffee), a sub sandwich, and finding coins on the ground. I decided that if it was really that easy to manifest small things by being thankful and believing that I can have them, then I deserve to have bigger things like more money.

Recently money had been very tight so I knew I had to get on a better frequency. I started listing in my mind and on paper all the things I was grateful for. I even told my children that things were about to get better. I did my income tax and within a week I received over $3,000.00. I was sooo happy and grateful, I told everyone how grateful and happy I was. That same week my insurance company called and said they were sending me a check in the mail for my deductable (my hot water tank broke and they were giving me the money back that I paid out last summer). A check was coming for $1,000.00. I was so excited and couldn't believe it. I told all my friends and family how happy and grateful I was.

The next week I got a tax re-assessment in the mail from 2009. There had been some mistake on my taxes and they were sending me $337.00. I just couldn't believe it. Money just keeps coming to me and I am always so grateful and happy. I wonder what wonderful things the universe has in store for my family next.

With Love and Gratitude,


About Juliann W. from Ontario, Canada:

I am a loving mother of two wonderful boys, 8 and 11 years old. I work as a secretary in a nursing home. I am loving life and excited for what is next to come, but enjoying every minute along the way.

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