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The Universe took care of me today

By Anon.
from Halifax, NS

Today I left my home in a rush to go to the yoga studio that I sometimes work at (in exchange for classes). I was travelling by public transit and realized upon my arrival that I did not bring very much money along with me, and no bank card. Silly me! I was really kicking myself for it.

I began my work and decided that there must be a way for everything to work out. I felt a little worried though. On top of this, I was extremely hungry and had nothing to eat. I thought I would have to walk about 4 or 5 hours home after my work! I also didn't think I would have enough energy to take the class that I always take on this day, because I thought I would surely pass out from hunger.

I began to look everywhere for change that had been dropped by people. Sometimes you can find a quarter or so underneath the benches in the change rooms, so I looked underneath everything. I managed to find some change, and along with the little amount of change I had with me, I had $3.65. The way home would cost $3.00, so I had enough!

Then I did something crazy. I went to a place across the street to buy a sandwich! I was surprising myself. I thought, "Well, I guess I'd rather eat now than avoid a cold, never-ending walk home." How silly I am! But I was also daring the Universe to look after me despite this. I thought that if I so desire to eat, then I shall spend every penny I have to eat and know that I will be taken care of anyway.

When I got to the restaurant and asked how much my favorite type of sandwich would be, with tax, I was told $ 3.66!!! Only 1 cent more than I had. Spectacular! So I ate my delicious sandwich and felt much better. Then I thought, "I really hope so much that I will receive $3.00 somehow!"

I finished my work and tried not to think about it too much. I just kept thinking, "Hmmm. What am I doing?! Is the Universe going to take care of me or what?" My attitude was kind of easy about it all and I was just going with the flow. I was even feeling kind of amused by my situation.

Well, to my surprise and delight, my very good friend showed up to take the class!!!! She NEVER comes on the day when I work, EVER. She said, "HEY! I came just to see you," with a big smile, and as soon as I told her what my situation was she said, "I have seven dollar you can have!" I said, "Well, only give me three!" It was so great. I was so grateful to her. I got to take the class, having had food to energize me, AND take public transportation home!!! Thanks to the most powerful force in the Universe who moves through people, and everything, to accomplish your desires. It is the great helper... and protector.

I think that the most important message within this story is that life doesn't need to be taken too seriously. Be easy going about it… relax, and be amused when you find yourself in silly situations. Be playful and send a dare out to the Universe! Then watch! It loves to delight you by showing you how powerful it is!

Thanks for reading and I pray that your heart's desires will become manifest and that your soul will soar high and inspire others to find their path.

With great Love and Compassion to all,


About Anon. from Halifax, NS:

A young woman on her spiritual quest.

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