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I AM a money magnet!!

By Gina V.
from Salt Lake City, UT

I watched The Secret many years ago when it was released. That year I watched it several times & read the book. These led me to read several other books based on the law of attraction. For awhile I was extremely interested and actively tried to live The Secret. Then for some reason I seemed to forget all about it.

A few weeks ago I was flipping through the movies available on Netflix. I saw The Secret and thought, "I should have my kids watch it now that they are old enough to understand it."

Last week I was at the library and saw The Power on display. I decided it looked interesting and wondered if it had anything new to teach me. I checked it out. I started reading it three days ago. Immediately I felt inspired again, though I didn't really "put it to the test" until two nights ago. After reading the section on money, I decided I really needed to change my internal dialogue as well as what I was actually saying to my family about money. Money has been tight the last few years for us because my husband is a real estate agent and the market has been slow. He tends to worry a lot about money and I have let myself worry as well. I've found myself feeling extreme want and lack with hopelessness that we will ever have what we need to be comfortable. I had surrendered to the struggle and kept telling myself to lower my expectations. As is often the case, we had let the money drive a wedge between us.

A friend of mine invited me to go on a trip with her in a few months to Las Vegas. I decided I was going to go no matter what, that I would just have to find the money somehow or put it on a credit card. She booked the tickets and let me know I owe her $400. My husband wasn't excited but was resigned that I am going. That same day we received a bill from our electric company letting us know that it was time to re-adjust our equal payment plan. We needed to catch up a shortage because we had used more electricity than the plan had used to calculate our payment. Next month our payment would be just over $400. We both felt extremely deflated and stressed about this bill. I started to hear myself agree with my husband that we just can't seem to ever get ahead! He became very agitated and upset and vented about our inability to make enough money.

Finally I realized what we were putting out there! I asked him if he believed in the Law of Attraction, even just a little bit. He said he did but it was very difficult for him to control his thoughts. I decided right then that I was going to do everything I could to live The Secret to show him it works.

That night I went to bed being grateful for all our blessings, naming them as I thought of them. I also repeated, over and over, I was soooo grateful for money that was coming my way. I told myself, over and over, how much I LOVE GETTING UNEXPECTED MONEY IN THE MAIL!!

Yesterday I went out to the mailbox in the afternoon. As I opened the mailbox, I told myself how grateful I was for the money I was about to receive. You can imagine how delighted I was to receive two checks! The first was our member rewards from a warehouse store membership for almost $200. While I was expecting this, I was still delighted that it was more than it has ever been in the past. Then I sat in my car looking at the envelope for a check from the United States Treasury. I knew it was a check just by looking at it. My first thought was, "I hope this is $400". Then, remembering I need $800 to pay off my immediate obligations I thought, "I am so excited to open this check for $800!!" You can imagine my delight when I opened it and it was for $827!!! I immediately took a picture with my phone and called my husband. Needless to say he was in shock and not ready to receive the money. He wondered if it was a mistake.

I have been converted! I never imagined it could happen so fast, though I know time means nothing to the Universe!

About Gina V. from Salt Lake City, UT:

38 years old, married 15 years, 2 boys ages 8 & 11.

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