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Mailbox Money

By Michael Walter
from Pennsylvania

Before I watched the movie and the book I never thought I could have money in my pocket. This is how it started.

Christmas 2009, my wonderful wife was looking for a present for me and as she looked at every book but nothing seem to stand out to her. She looked and when she saw the book called The Secret, in her words, it jumped out at her and she couldn't put it down, and then she knew I needed that book. She wasn't sure why, but she bought it, not understanding what was in the book.

I started reading it, and then I realized, this wasn't an accident, that this book was the best thing that happen to us in our life. I absorbed every word and thinking about everything I was reading. I didn't completely understand everything in it but for some reason it made sense and I couldn't stop reading.

I started watching the clips of the movie and from then on I searched for this Secret movie in my local stores but I could not find it. I kept thinking if I could only watch the movie it may make things come more alive for me. I didn't know this but my wife was searching as well and when she found it, she bought it ,just like she bought the book. Again she was attracted to The Secret.

I watched the movie and still watch it, to absorb everything in it. I wanted to test this Secret, and in the movie someone imagined getting checks in the mail, and I thought wouldn't that be cool. I imagined receiving checks in the mail and I wrote out a check to myself. As I pictured the checks, what I call mailbox money, coming to me, I felt as though I had the money in my hands and it is with me.

Nothing happened for a while, time passed but I never gave up. My wife would look everyday for a check. The day had come where she opened the mailbox and there it was, a check for 43 dollars as part of a settlement years ago I had forgotten about. I may not know how much money or checks I will receive but I do know this; The Secret does work.

To this very day, I still receive checks in the mail. Some I had worked for and some I haven't worked for. I never know where they’re coming from, other than the universe.

About Michael Walter from Pennsylvania:

I am a father of 5 children, and married for 27 years to a wonderful wife. I love to hunt, vacation with family, play ball with the kids and picnic when the weather permits.

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