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The "Money Magnet Miracle!"

By Carol Brownell
from Oakland, Maine

I recently read the Secret and was skeptical that such a simple concept could change my life. It just didn't seem possible that simply believing and receiving could attract positive things into your life. I had 5 yrs. of heartache and negativity that was telling me otherwise.

I began to read the stories by others who had read the Secret and who were praising the amazing changes in their lives. One of the stories attracted my attention right away.

The story was about being a "money magnet." The person writing the story discussed how she began repeating the mantra "I am a money magnet" and how every day she began attracting money even if it was change on the sidewalk.

I have lost my house, my cars, and accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and I was more than skeptical. Because of our situation, I decided that repeating "I am a money magnet" couldn't hurt!

It was December and we had no idea how we were going to have any type of Christmas for our children and my depression was all-encompassing. Still, I started repeating "I am a money magnet" and re-read about truly believing in what you say and do.

That week, I received an unexpected check in the mail that allowed us to have a Christmas! I was extremely grateful and it made it that much easier to BELIEVE the next time I said "I am a money magnet!"

Over the next few weeks I repeated "I am a money magnet" especially when I was starting to panic over bills that were coming in. My faith began to grow and the money began coming in. Not just enough to pay the bills but more than we needed!

My husband got a $400 bonus at work, a bill we thought was $2000 was reduced to $1500. A bill that came in for $1300 was a mistake! I found myself at the end of the month, being able to pay the bills on time for the first time in years AND having some left over! I have become a believer! Such a simple concept that your words, ideas and beliefs hold so much power!

My husband has not been open to this concept at all. He believes it is just ridiculous. Whenever he begins to doubt now, I simply smile and repeat my mantra. It is simply a matter of time before he will not be able to argue with the results! I can't wait until we are joined together in our beliefs and we are attracting all that we have dreamed and desired! Even he will have to accept the empirical data of our bank account growing by leaps and bounds!

For any skeptics or cynics out there, believe! It is simply amazing how this concept works and truly can change your life! I no longer think "We can't afford...." or "We have so many bills!" because those simply attract more bills and less money!

For the person who wrote in about her "money magnet" mantra, I am extremely grateful! It took one small phrase and the belief in the law of attraction to change my life.

Thank you, Thank you!

About Carol Brownell from Oakland, Maine:

I am a 44 yr old woman who over the past 5 yrs., has faced a myriad of trials. I had been placed on disability, my health concerns were growing, financially we had to declare bankruptcy and we had emotional and mental health issues within the family as well.

I believed that trying this concept could not make things any worse than they were. In fact, if I truly believed it could actually better the situation.

And so it began...

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