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By Mandeep
from India, Pune

As I was ill for a few days, I could not attend the college regularly. One of my friends did not want my attendance to go down. She tried giving my attendance but was caught by one of the teachers, but then she was not caught red handed and so she denied it. My teachers then declared they would take serious action against me as they felt that I enjoyed my high attendance through my friends while remaining absent. The moment I entered my college I was surrounded by a large number of people saying I would be getting screwed.

After some time, coming out of the shock and not knowing what to do, I decided to use The Secret. I started feeling as normal as I used to feel every day, and repeatedly saying in my mind, “Everything is fine, everything is normal, and today I'll definitely be getting a good surprise.”

When teachers called me I was not prepared at all of how I was going to defend myself, I just knew one thing, that today I'll be having a great experience talking to them. And... guess what?! I did!

I simply don't know how the words came out of my mind. I was so surprised to see myself defending myself so confidently that they were immediately convinced. They were very nice to me and now in my latter opinion they are the best teachers I have ever spoken with...

Thank you so much for making my day.

About Mandeep from India, Pune:

I am a student in second year studying BBA. My age is nineteen.

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