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Manifesting instantly

By Vicki
from Manchester, UK

I've had The Secret for years and haven't got round to reading it until two of my best friends mentioned this wonderful book they were reading and were going to buy for me (The Secret). Things were uncertain at the time, job wise so enthused by my friends excitement over the book and film I decided to take The Secret on holiday with me to read.

I was quickly running out of cash on holiday and down to my last £40 with another week to go. The morning after I read about attracting wealth, my sister, out of nowhere, said she had something for me and handed me £150. The same day I checked my bank balance and £30 had been added to my account out of the blue (coincidentally the amount that would cover my overdraft charges). I was amazed, but not surprised, at the same time.

I've told everyone about The Secret and ordered a copy for my sister. My colleague at work hasn't read the book yet, but keeps chanting 'I am a money magnet' - today she won £15 on a scratch card and our syndicate won £7.50 on the lotto. It's happening!

Best of all - things are really turning around for me on the job front and I'm staying in my job, with the promise of a significant pay rise this year.

I am a money magnet - money and opportunities come my way all the time...

With love and gratitude


About Vicki from Manchester, UK:

Living The Secret, surrounded by loving family & friends

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