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Thank you Rhonda

By David Lynam
from San Francisco, CA

Dear Rhonda,

For 16 years I lived, scratch that, I carried on, with HIV just waiting for death to come. It nearly did. I was diagnosed with prostate and colon Cancer. I had no immune system left. After chemo, radiation and 5 surgeries later I was still carrying on, still not living and more than ever sure death was close.

Then I saw you on Oprah and a woman in the audience talked about her bitter divorce, her suffering boys and her hatred towards her ex. One of your speakers told her to forgive the ex and let go of the anger. Those words translated for me to forgive myself for spending so many years only thinking of sickness and death. I did just that and from that moment I let go of the fear and for the first time saw a future. I still have AIDS years later but my health hasn't been better in almost 19 years. I'm disabled and about to start my fourth year in film school.

Once I let go of the fear through your teachings I took full responsibility for my happiness. I became grateful and not fearful. Fear still comes into play but I'm no longer crippled by it. I recognize it, own it and work to move past it. My future is, it just is where I once thought there was none for me.

Thank you for being there at the right time in my life and changing me for ever. I've always wanted to be a writer and now I'm making the films I write. One day you and many will see my films, read my stories. That is the real truth I am grateful for. I am grateful for you Rhonda.

David Lynam

About David Lynam from San Francisco, CA:

I'm 46yrs and a film student.

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