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How I got my puppy! :)

By Christine W.
from Syracuse University

When I was just a freshman in high school, I knew I wanted another dog. As an only child, I have grown to LOVE animals. I already have one family dog whom I love dearly, but felt that another dog would be the perfect addition to my family.

My first dog, Brandy, came along when I was a child. I didn't realize at the time that I was using the power of The Secret to bring her into our home. Every day when I was in middle school, I pretended to have a dog. I would envision myself playing with her and taking her for walks. I spoke to my parents about when my dog would arrive, I imagined what she would look like and how we would play together.

When Easter rolled around, a dog was waiting for me at home! She was the most beautiful golden retriever I had ever seen. I was using the tools of The Secret to influence my family dynamic and convinced my parents to purchase a dog!

My second dog came to my life several years later. I wanted my first dog, Brandy, to have a friend. I felt that our home could benefit from having another puppy running around the house. I envisioned getting a second dog for weeks. I even visited the local dog shelters to look for one. I searched online breeders as well. I fell in love with cockapoos (a breed). Unfortunately, as a typical teenager, I didn't have any money to spend on buying a dog and cockapoos are expensive. Luckily, I knew the power of the universe. I used The Power and The Secret to bring me my dog. Every day, I envisioned playing with both of my dogs and taking them for walks with my neighbor.

One day, my cousin came to my house and said that her co-worker was taking a new job as an RA in a college dorm and she couldn't bring her dog. I jumped at the chance to take the dog. I knew nothing about it, but knew I would provide a loving home for her.

We got the dog, a cockapoo! She is the most loving and fun dog in the world. We call her Piper. She gets along extremely well with Brandy; they are best friends. I am so grateful to The Secret!

About Christine W. from Syracuse University:

I am a senior in high school and plan on going to Syracuse University with the help of The Secret :)

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