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By Lulu
from London

I have a sleeping disorder, known as chronic Onset-Insomnia, which significantly reduces the amount of sleep I get each night. Whereas most teenagers my age are recommended 8-10 hours of sleep per night, I barely get 4-5 hours. For me, it was incredibly stressful and when I was younger, I developed this dread feeling every time it approached my bedtime. I would lie for hours, awake in the dark, trying to force myself to sleep and then getting worked up and upset when I couldn't.

Overtime, I became frightened of trying to sleep! Due to my lack of sleep, there were constant dark circles under my eyes, giving me a haunted look that I hated. It made me feel incredibly self-conscious and gradually I became self-conscious about my whole appearance. I did all I could to hide my body and my face: I felt ugly.

However, in 2009 my mother handed me a copy of The Secret and with that she changed my life. (:

The words on the pages comforted me like no other book had done before, and it all became so clear why I couldn't sleep and how I could cure it. It also taught me to love myself - one of the most wonderful things I've learned. Using the techniques and teachings of The Secret I turned my life around.

Now I can relax myself into sleep - I feel safe and comfortable going to sleep now - it's amazing! After years of sleep clinics, medication, and even hypnotherapy, I was never able to sleep consistently. Now after I leaned The Secret, I say: no problem! :D

From there I wanted to lose the tired circles under my eyes, stop hiding myself, and begin to feel pretty. I applied what I knew from The Secret and it worked wonders. I wrote a list of all the lovely features of my body that I loved, and every day when I looked in the mirror, I would list them and smile at myself. Each time I did this, I would feel true gratitude and happiness, thanking the Universe that I have my beautiful body.

A few days after applying The Secret, I walked in the door from school and my mother looked at me and grinned. She said, "Are you wearing make up?" I said, "No." And she replied, "You look really beautiful, Lulu."

Today, I love the way I look. I no longer feel tired and self-conscious. I never thought I'd be able to feel so different but I do! Now I feel beautiful and alive and other people notice it too. It has made me so much more confident in myself and I've attracted so many wonderful friends and an amazing boyfriend just by feeling positive and loving myself the way I am! I'd never felt beautiful before, ever, but The Secret has taught me that beauty is not skin-deep, and if you feel good from the inside and you truly love yourself, your energy will radiate positively and you'll be beautiful.

You are so, so, so beautiful, and no one has the right to tell you you aren't. You don't need to change. Love yourself and feel the gratitude for the way you already are and wonders will happen! :D

Thank you so much, Rhonda! You have changed my life!

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