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Thank you Universe for everything

from Mumbai, India

Hi All,

First of all, thanks for reading my story and sharing your story. These stories are a great inspiration to me.

I read The Secret around three months back. Three months back: big story, please be patient.

Being Indian, we have an arranged marriage tradition. My family is searching for a guy for me since 2009. I never liked any guy. Nothing was clicking properly, but this year in the month of March, I got a call from one guy. He is a great guy. He is smart, intelligent, witty, understanding, and a nice human being. We had a great relationship. We felt connected. I was in India and he was in the USA. He was going to visit India on July 11th. Till that time, we started liking and loving each other.

Everything was very perfect. We used to talk for an average one hour in every twelve hours. We talked for five months. In the meantime, his family visited my place. We kept our fingers crossed. His family liked me, our bonding became stronger. We both were dying to meet each other. We saw each other on webcam but wanted to meet in person. Then the day had come. He came on July 11th and the same day we met. It was heaven. I was blushing like anything.

The first week was just a fairytale. Then the following weekend he visited my place with his family. He told his family that he liked me and he wanted to marry me. But, something else was writtenÖ His family was not ready. They said NO. He tried very hard to convince them but they were very determined on their decision. His dad and sister told him that if you want to marry that girl, then do it without us. So, as every Indian guy does, he chose his family and went back to the USA.

I was devastated. I took one week leave from the office. I wrote an email to him twice and messaged him four or five times, but he replied only once saying itís best to move on in our lives separately. I used to think, "Why does every bad thing happen to me? Why does everything end before starting? Why didnít they tell us such reasons in the beginning? Why is God like this? Is he there? If yes, then how can he see unfair things happening to good people? Why?????" So many questions.

Then I came across this book called The Secret. I felt great and thrilled after reading it, but initially I didnít believe it completely and I read many more other books along the same line.

Being an engineer I want logic in everything. And now I am fully convinced. I got all my answers. I calmed down. I feel more serene. It feels like somebody is there to take care of me. Things changed. Suddenly everything became positive. Life is fun. I started enjoying each and every day. There are so many small things which I attracted. Then I made my goals. First, getting my Mr. Cool back and finding a job in the USA. Initially I had problems in believing and visualizing but now it seems very easy. I feel that he is with me. I know one day he will come back. I have full faith in the Universe. I think my request is already processed by the Universe.

In three months my life changed drastically and this book taught me how to live life. I got to know all the secrets of life with the help of The Secret. Thank you Rhonda for bringing this to light. Will let you know what happens to me, I know itís a happy ending. But Universe has to rush as itís not cool in India being an unmarried 28 year old female. :) :) :)

May God bless each and every living being on this earth.

About KRS from Mumbai, India:

I am A mature, pretty, smart, independent, 28 year old girl working as Senior software engineer in worlds largest MNC.

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