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By Manifesting Everything
from Leicester, England

I've always been a negative person. Not 100% negative, but if things are going bad I never see the bright side. Until last year around this time. I met a new friend at a coffee shop and she introduced me to The Secret. The cover stood out to me and I read the first few pages. I had made up my mind... I wanted that book!

On the way to my God sister's house all I could think about was that book, thatís all I wanted, it was madness. As soon as I got there something told me to go to the cabinet where she kept her DVDs and books. I was only looking for my old Hercules video and ended up finding THE SECRET! I told her what had happened and she knew what was happening straight away.

I read the book in two-three days and focused on what I wanted, my old boyfriend. We hadn't spoken in a long time and within two days we were back in contact and things were going better than ever. I made my own choice to let him go after this though, on good terms.

This year things didn't go so well. I was bullied, I left home, and I had no friends. Then I remembered The Secret, so I started thinking positive, I ignored my bullies, I manifested two close friends and Iím now back at home and have a wonderful relationship with my mum.

Today I made a vision board and have placed my lottery ticket on it along with my Bentley convertible, a gratitude list, all the charities I am going to give to, a range rover for my mum, and many more things. Oh, and a story that someone posted on here about winning the lottery.

Rhonda you have changed my life for the better. Although I get negative thoughts, I find it easier than before to push them aside. I am now a multi-millionaire. Although there is still time left until the numbers get called out, I know they will be my numbers! My smile is so big.

Now I can move away from this city and be around positivity. There are so many things I want to do to help others and myself. Thank you universe for my lottery winnings and my life, I am so GRATEFUL! xxx

About Manifesting Everything from Leicester, England:

Teenage girl working with the law of attraction, manifesting everything I deserve. If I can do it so can you.

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