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"I'm a money magnet" worked at lightning speed!

By Sam B. Flapda
from England

WOW! It really does work! My finances were in a state, I had got into lots of debt, my landlord wanted me to pay him £800 (of which I didn't have and had no means of finding!), I had no job, no income, and no hope.

I can't say enough how much I would recommend to you all to READ THESE STORIES ON THE SECRET WEBSITE. I'm so, so grateful because it was reading these that gave me so much inspiration and positivity.

I started listening to The Secret DVD non-stop as I was working on my university work on my laptop, and it inspired me to think about what I wanted. Previously all I had thought about before was sheer panic and anxiety and you guessed it, the more I thought about it the more I got aggressive emails form my landlord demanding the money. So I started using affirmations: “Thank you, my landlord is being kind to me because I have difficult circumstances,” over and over and over, and I started acting like it was true.

Well a week later, like some kind of miracle, my landlord agreed to write all the debt off!!!! I could not believe it!!!!!

Then I read more and more stories about money and they all said, repeat, “I'm a money magnet, I'm a money magnet.” Well I assure you it works with lightning speed! I changed my screen saver to an image of ten pound notes, and every time I started panicking about money I would say, “I'm a money magnet,” over and over. Well, just over an hour later, I got a phone call - I got offered the job I had been to the day before, 16 hours a week! Already the universe was going to provide me with a £70 wage. THANK YOU!

Now, I had read about people saying when they changed their thought processes money magically appeared. I must admit I was a little skeptical because I thought, "How will I magically find money in my home?" I thought I'd give it a try, thinking it really would be a miracle.

That same afternoon, after just hearing of the job offer, I was with a friend going through a suitcase because I had just got back from a period of living abroad, and opened a little tin. I nearly stopped breathing with shock and awe when 30 euros fell out! I was amazed!!!! I had put it there six months ago and completely forgot about it! I thought, “Wow this really works, and guess what? I literally find money everywhere!"

I started saying, “I’m a money magnet,” and I look down wherever I am and find money on the street; it started off with pennies, literally about six a day, then 2pences, then 5pences, then 20pences. Yesterday I found a 50p, then a 10p, then 8p, then 12p. It’s amazing.

Now for the biggie! It was the lottery this week and I really wanted to put The Secret to the test. Normally I would buy a ticket, but because I'm on a tight budget at the moment, I decided to put out to the universe, somehow giving me that £2 for the ticket. Well I came home from university to see I had received a letter... guess what? For the first time ever, my dad had sent a lottery ticket in the post!! WOW. It was one of those breath-taking moments where I just thought, "This really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" At that moment I thought, "It doesn’t matter if I don’t win the jackpot," because I just knew then I would someday, because out of nowhere my dad sent me a lottery ticket.

I went out last night, and found money EVERYWHERE on the street. My friends are stunned at me!

Never be put off, the universe will give you little tiny signs, even if it is one penny on the floor! There is abundance!

I’ve also realised just how rich I am by the love I have in my life. So start today! THINK RICH, be grateful, and be happy!


About Sam B. Flapda from England:

Somebody full of gratitude, I'm already rich with my friends and family and the love that I have in my life.

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